Fresh Start Community Development Company, Inc.

A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

Fresh Start CDC, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2014 to enhance economic development and provide resources to communities that are in need. These resources include, but are not limited to: (1) Increased availability of nutritional foods; (2) Access to preventative health care; (3) Education; (4) Financial Literacy; and (5) Community Development. The communities in Flint, Michigan and the surrounding areas is where we are starting, not where we will end. Fresh Start CDC is expanding its model of engaging, empowering, and establishing communities in cities around the country.

The Need

Fresh Start CDC, Inc. is important to cities around the country that have found themselves in unfavorable conditions. We provide short and long-term solutions to those who are in need. Fresh Start CDC evaluates communities on an individual basis and develops a suitable plan to meet their needs. We partner with companies, businesses, and organizations to help in the revitalization of communities. Fresh Start CDC needs partners to help support the vision, achieve our goals, and make a lasting impact on communities, one city at a time. Our journey started in Flint, Michigan. Due to economic instability in the city, many of the resources vital to community have either left or have been reduced in number. Within a two-year span, three full-service grocery stores in Flint permanently closed their doors, creating a limited number of choices for full-service grocery stores. Moreover, healthy food choices are just one of many resources lacking for residents. Preventative health care services, banking institutions, and targeted educational services are also inadequate in our focus community. The development of resources, facilities, businesses, and opportunities to improve communities is an essential need in Flint, Michigan as well as many cities around the country with similar characteristics.

Our Strategy

How we serve the community

The Fresh Start CDC’s strategy is to empower these communities through providing resources that will contribute to productive communities and individual lives. We are committed to helping through making the following resources available to the community:

– Healthy Foods
– Education
– Health Care
– Financial Literacy
– Development of tools, businesses and/or facilities and other resources that are essential to the community

our team

Our project managers Patrick Sanders (pop-up) and Kimberly Petty-Blair (brick and mortar) have a collective 41 years of experience in leadership, management, and operations. They lead the charge and are backed by a community team committed to the well-being of Flint’s children, adults, and elders.
Board of Directors

Pastor Patrick Sanders
CEO, Founder, President of Fresh Start CDC Inc.
Senior Pastor of New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church

Dr. Gail M. Lewis
Barbara Locke Jones
Barry Turner
Dr. Ruben M. West
Rochell Shelton
Robin Williams

Advisory Board

Attorney Benjamin Crump
Pastor Alfred Harris Sr.
Tonya French Turner
Betina Campbell
Superintendent Lamarr Griggs