Flint community grocery pop-up store

The Flint Community Grocery Pop-up Store began serving individuals in Flint in April 2016. Fresh Start CDC was able to begin the project immediately as a result of a grassroots movement of support and donations from the local community. This project is based on the innovative “Pop Up” concept in which a retailer or service provider operates short-term from a temporary or mobile facility. The benefits of the project include: (1) Reaching as many communities in Flint as possible; with healthy foods; (2) Maximizing accessibility to food for individuals with limited or no transportation; and (3) Surveying the community about their needs in a full-service grocery store.

In Progress: Flint Community Grocery

Fresh Start CDC is planning a permanent solution to several of resources that are deficient within the community. The vision for this project is to develop an acquired property and construct a full-service grocery store located near the north side of Flint. The store will include a pharmacy, credit union, ongoing cooking demonstrations, groceries, community room, and more services as the need is identified.
The Flint Community Grocery Store has a long-term implementation plan to serve the residents in the city of Flint with access to prescription services, financial services, educational opportunities, high-quality premium produce and food products.

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